Tuna, Dog Once Dumped By A Road, Now Has 400K Instagram Fans (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Tuna The Dog Was Once Dumped By A Road -- Now He Has 400K Instagram Fans

Judging from his severe overbite, Tuna is probably another victim of irresponsible breeding. But while most of those dogs end up with more tragic fates, Tuna's is one of luck and love.

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He was found abandoned by the side of the road in San Diego by a rescuer. Traumatized by the abandonment, Tuna would crawl submissively on his belly, so the rescuer called him Wormy. She took him to a farmer's market as an adoptable dog. That's when Wormy met Courtney Dasher. She'd originally intended to only foster the little Chiweenie, but she instantly fell in love with him ... and foster failed.

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tuna dog

She switched his name from Wormy to Mr. Burns (after the Simpsons character) and then Toonie (since he looks so comically cartoonish) and eventually Tuna. Tuna thrived in the circle of love Dasher provided him with, regaining his strength and his confidence. After posting his photo to Instagram, Dasher gave the whole world the opportunity to fall in love with the little dog the way she had. And the world responded with enthusiasm.

tuna dog

Now Tuna has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, all fans eager to see what the little dog will do next. There is a whole line of Tuna merchandise available, and portions of the proceed go to the ASPCA and the person who originally took a second chance on Tuna.

Make sure to follow Tuna on Instagram (and while you're at it, follow Dogster, too -- we're still trying to break 1,000 followers) and check out his site here.

Photos via Tuna's Instagram, hat tip to Darling Magazine for Tuna's story

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