UK Public's Ideas For Budget Cuts (PHOTOS)

As Great Britain struggles with how to make its toughest spending cuts in decades, Treasury chief George Osborne is turning to the British public for help.

According to reports, Osborne has ordered government departments to prep for budget cuts of up to 25 percent -- the details of which he is expected to announce in October. In doing so, he hopes to save 30 billion pounds ($44 billion) annually in an effort to reduce the country's huge national debts.

Thus far, over 45,000 ideas have been submitted by the public to the Treasury via the "Spending Challenge" section of its website. They range from the seemingly sensible, such as finding cheaper cell phone contracts for government employees, to the absurd -- with more than one calling for Queen Elizabeth II to resign or simply do away with the monarchy altogether.

Vote for the most inspired submission for a British budget cut here:

British Spending Cuts