Now You Can Look Tipsy Before You’re Drunk With An Upside Down Wine Glass

That brilliant idea you thought you had when you were wasted comes to life.

Bottoms up, literally.

A company called Red5 has made an upside down wine glass in which you can sip your Malbec from the foot of the glass rather than the lip for the bargain price of $10.

“We don’t mean to be rude but we bet that your glass cupboard is pretty boring,” the gadget company wrote on its website. “Lots of standard glasses in the standard shape that you would expect to find in any home. The Upside Down Wine Glass is a revolution in glass design and will literally turn the world upside down.”

Unlike the Marathon Wine Glass, which helps winos pace themselves, or "My Other Half" connected wine glasses that allows lush to feel more connected as they booze, one may wonder why they need this particular kind of glass. And we have a few ideas.

You can flip it over and use it as a microphone whenever you and your friends are wining it up and want to do your own rendition of Titus Andromedon’s “Peeno Noir:”

The upside down glass would make Cersei Lannister look way less snooty in this scene.

And, strangely, it would make this GIF make a lot more sense:

Do you have a good reason for owning a glass like this? Sound off in the comments.

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