10 UW-Stout Hockey Players Suspended After Student's Death

Ten University of Wisconsin-Stout hockey players will not be permitted to play this year because of their involvement in incidents leading one student's death last month, according to the River Falls Journal.

In addition to Jedidiah McGlasson and Jared Britton, who have been charged with felony murder and aggravated battery in Bradley Simon's Sept. 23 death, eight additional UW-Stout players present at the Log Jam Tavern on Sept. 18, the night Simon was injured in a bike crash, will be suspended from the team with possibility of reinstatement next year.

McGlasson and Britton allegedly attacked Simon shortly after he left the Log Jam Tavern on his bicycle on the night of the 18th. Simon crashed into a wall and died due to head trauma.

The Chippewa Herald reports that UW-Stout Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life Services Phil Lyons said in an e-mail that the eight hockey players in question violated the student-athlete code of conduct, which includes "specific guidelines for behavior, both on and off the field, including actions while engaging in high risk alcohol use."

An online defense fund for Jedidiah McGlasson professes the suspect's innocence: "This was a tragic accident that could of happen to any of us in our life and we feel it is an injustice to make unjust assumptions concerning the charges he is now facing."