Vanessa Hudgens' '$$$ex' Teaser Video Is As Subtle As You'd Expect (VIDEO)

Vanessa Hudgens effectively kissed her Disney days good-bye when she forced James Franco to perform fellatio on a gun in "Spring Breakers," and now she's burning any remnants of her family-friendly image with her new song, "$$$ex."

The 24-year-old actress embraced the world of social media on Monday when she joined Twitter and Tumblr, and one of her first orders of business was to tease her the video for the "Spring Breakers"-inspired song, which includes lyrics about about keeping a man with a "condom in his wallet" up all night.

In the 32-second clip, Hudgens and the girl group YLA dance around a kitchen in very little clothing, while playing with pool noodles, sucking on popsicles and giving the camera the finger. (Yes, it's just as subtle as you'd expect a song titled "$$$ex" to be.)

Hudgens appears to be quite proud of the video, judging by one of her first posts on her new Tumblr account:

Recently I collaborated with the girl group, YLA (Young LA), on the Spring Breakers inspired track, “$$$ex”. We had so much fun recording (especially since one of my best friends, Laura New, is in the group)! ;))) We literally danced around all night in the Rock Mafia Studios while recording it.

We’re continuing the party and made a 30 seconds “$$$ex” video. We just wanted to dance and get crazy! You don’t have to go to Spring Break, you can bring Spring Break to youuu! We had ours in the kitchen. LOL! Sooo much fun.

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