Backstage At The 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: 8 Things We Learned Backstage (PHOTOS)

You'll never guess what Erin Heatherton would be doing if she weren't an Angel...

The scene backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was overwhelming to say the least -- the venue was packed with so many people we may have stepped on a few toes (sorry Lily Aldridge!). With cameras flashing and hair blowers going, it was hard to focus in on one girl. Karlie Kloss sat on a chair happily talking to the press (with a new, much shorter 'do ), Candice Swanepoel played on her phone while her hair was pulled in every direction and Adriana Lima ingested an unhealthy amount of hairspray. Although we found it hard to zero in on one supermodel, we did manage to glean a few things from the experience. Here, the 8 most interesting things we learned from the Angels:

  1. "This is going to be the best show yet", according to Miranda Kerr. The model mom said she's "most excited about this show, especially because of the circus act. I was a gymnast growing up so I love the way the acrobats move their bodies. I just find it so fascinating because I know the amount of work that goes into it. There is also a guy walking on stilts -- I thought heels were bad, but those stilts -- that's a whole other level."
  2. Although most conversation backstage surrounded pre-show routines and fitness, Erin Heatherton was more keen on talking about what she would be doing if she weren't strutting down runways. "I wanted to study biology and be a vet or deliver babies, but that didn't happen." (Not yet, at least.)
  3. According to Alessandra Ambrosio, a model fell during rehearsal and twisted her ankle. (We only hope she was okay and managed to still walk in those 6 inch Nicholas Kirkwood heels.)
  4. Lily Aldridge and Erin Heatherton are BFF's. They stopped press interviews to take a quick instagram photo together.
  5. Even though Douzten Kroes is a VS vet, she still gets nervous before the shows. While getting her hair done she explained, "I'm pretty calm now, but I'll start to get very nervous when they start to call first looks and I hear the music. I try to distract myself by taking pictures and doing Instagram and Twitter and reading, but I'll get nervous pretty soon -- there is just no way to stay calm."
  6. The biggest topic of conversation amongst the Angels was Adriana Lima, who had a baby only 7 weeks ago, but is still walking in the show -- she looked amazing by the way (in case anyone doubted it).
  7. Erin Heatherton has two big guilty pleasures. "I'm obsessed with astrology, and chocolate, obviously," she said. (Well, duh.)
  8. While we chatted with Miranda Kerr (who spent a few minutes directing photographers where to stand to get her best angles and the least glare -- hey this girl knows what she is talking about), we noticed her putting some lip balm under her eyes, which she divulged as her beauty secret. Apparently that's what you need to do to "get the glow" -- who knew?
Adriana Lima

2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Backstage

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