A Neglected Weapon in the Global Fight for Justice (VIDEO)

Contentious debate for the sake of contentious debate has become an international phenomenon that bogs down public discourse on a variety of critical issues. Whether we're talking about climate change, social inequality, racial profiling, or foreign policy, it often feels like the informed and the misinformed yell past each other, with very little education or progress actually happening. But what if there were a secret weapon that could diffuse people's reflexive defensiveness, and make them more open to absorbing a new perspective?

I've spent almost my entire adult life surrounded by activists fighting to make this world a better place. Through them, I've learned how much more meaningful life can be when we dedicate some of our time righting wrongs and making a difference in people's lives. However, I've also seen plenty of "activism burnout" and bitterness at the world from people who have spent too much time dealing with everything wrong with it, and that bitterness could alienate people who otherwise would've been open to learning about one issue or another.

To avoid these problems, I made the video above to remind people of a neglected weapon that can make the global fight for justice all the more pleasant and sustainable.