Virginia Democrats Removing Suggestive Anti-Ken Cuccinelli Posters

The Democratic Party of Virginia has decided to remove a series of sexually suggestive campaign posters targeting Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli's anti-sodomy stance, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The posters, which included slogans like "Don't let election day go down without you" and "Get your head in the game," warn college students that Cuccinelli "wants to make oral sex a felony," referencing the Virginia Attorney General's support for the state's "crimes against nature" law, which outlawed sodomy as well as oral sex. The law was struck down earlier this year by a federal appeals court.

Virginia TV station WAVY first reported on the posters when they popped up at Norfolk State University earlier this week. Democrats have since decided to take down the posters and apologized for the racy messages.

“While we feel Virginians deserve to know the truth about Ken Cuccinelli’s extreme social agenda, we apologize to those who were offended,” spokesman Brian Coy said. “We’re working to remove these posters from the campuses in question and they will not be used again.”

Cuccinelli will face off against Democrat Terry McAuliffe in next month's general election.



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