WATCH: Donald Trump Blurts Out Legendary Freudian Slip At Florida Rally

Donald Trump let loose an epic freudian slip last night at a rally in Florida, encouraging his voters to vote on November 28, instead of Election Day on November 8. (video below)

If we don’t win, then all it is, is a little asterisk in history, there’s never been anything like this,” said Trump, evoking America’s preferred direction for his discriminatory presidential campaign, “so go out and register, make sure you vote November 28.”

Last month, a judge’s ruling in the Trump University lawsuits alleging fraud by Trump denied his request to delay trial from it’s originally scheduled date of... you guessed it: November 28! 

The news wasn’t earthshaking, but Bloomberg reported:

Donald Trump failed to persuade a federal judge to postpone a Nov. 28 trial in which he’ll face former enrollees in his real-estate seminars who claim they were cheated. U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel scheduled the Trump University trial for Nov. 28 so the case could be decided after the presidential election but before a possible inauguration. “Defense counsel had multiple opportunities to raise the issue with the court prior to Aug. 26, 2016, but did not do so,” the judge said.

Just talking about losing to his rally, appears to have led Donald Trump to ponder the inevitable, then blurt out a classic, “error in speech, memory or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought.”

Trump faces a massive financial burden if he loses at trial, since his lawyers’ “Hail Mary” attempt to end the class action federal case’s racketeering claims backfired in August.

The Republican nominee appears to be panicking now that The TrumpU trial date approaches, for swindling $40 million from unsuspecting Americans who misplaced their trust in The Donald and his shoddy “business skills.”



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