San Diego Tour Ship Crashes Into Dock, Succumbs To Pier Pressure

'Brace yourselves or hold on to something.'

It was cruising for a bruising.

Watch a tour ship in San Diego, California, slam into the dock, scattering shocked onlookers.

Thursday's crash left seven passengers with minor to moderate injuries, San Diego's NBC affiliate reported.

The misadventure didn't end there, however. Those aboard waited two hours to disembark while a tug boat attempted to pull the boat away from the pier.

Before disaster struck, the 144 aboard were told to prepare for impact, a passenger told the Los Angeles Times. "The crew were walking on the deck yelling, ‘Brace yourselves or hold on to something,' ” Osmond DeSousa said.

A gear malfunction prevented the 150-foot vessel from stopping on time, an official told the Associated Press.

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