We Are All Accountable

We are all accountable. In recent times there has been an enormous increase in the number of people being held accountable for their actions -- Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Mubarak, Karadžić, Murdoch, officials in the Catholic Church who failed to protect children from abuse, business leaders involved in taking excessive bonuses or squandering people's money. You may feel, as I do, that there are many other people who have not yet been brought to account and that the process is too slow. But it is important to see the progress that has been made and to notice that more and more people are being held acountable.

I have been seeing and talking to angels since I was a baby. I see angels physically as I would see you standing in front of me. I see and talk to them every day. I know that for some people this sounds crazy -- your gut reaction may be to stop reading this now -- but I would ask you to suspend your cynicism for just a few moments and see if anything I am saying resonates with you.

God and the angels have shown me different futures for humanity. I haven't been shown just one future, I have been shown lots of different futures. Some are very good, and some, to be honest, I would not want to be around for. What happens will depend on how we play our part and the decisions that we all make.

I am told that this increase in accountability is a very positive sign. It is the first step in a huge clean up and a move toward a future where we can all live together in respect and peace; a future where there is no hunger and no war. To be honest, I get very frustrated at time; we should have evolved sufficiently to have no more hunger or war. Sometimes we are very slow to play our part and act as we need to. Many people see the current economic crisis as a disaster. It is, indeed, very tough for many people, but it is also a significant opportunity for us all to wake up, stand up and play our part. It is an opportunity for us to change the way we do things and create a better world.

Many people have yet to realize that this call to accountability includes each and every one of us. Recently, the CEO and owner of a company came to see me asking for my prayers. When the economy was booming his company had done very well but then they got greedy and had begun to falsify their tax returns. Like most people doing wrong, the CEO thought he would never be caught. The economy then started to decline and business became much tougher. Around the same time their lies and theft were discovered. The company is now under threat of bankruptcy. He came to me -- I think he viewed me as a last resort -- asking for me to pray to God and ask the angels that the situation would be resolved; that the deceit would be written off as human error. I pointed out his dishonesty and theft, but it was as if he wasn't listening to me. He saw himself as an innocent victim and certainly didn't believe he was accountable. He finished our conversation, having not heard one word I had spoken, saying, "Please keep on praying."

Some business people are continuing to deceive themselves -- to believe that they can continue to charge excessive prices for services or goods, or continue to defend bonuses that are multiples of other peoples annual income. Just because someone else is doing it does not mean you are exonerated. We are all accountable, and we will be held to account.

Many people in business, particularly men, are inclined to regard angels as silly or frivolous. Some people today have tried to trivialize angels and turn them into cuddly good luck charms who can deliver parking spaces. Have no doubt, angels are enormously powerful creatures, who come from God and who throughout history have been feared and revered.

God has given each of us -- regardless of our religion -- a guardian angel. It is the gatekeeper of our soul and it never leaves us for one moment. Our guardian angel's task is to help us to do what is right and to bring us safely home to Heaven.

Much as I hate to admit it, it is often easier to give into the temptation, to do wrong rather than do right. When we listen to our guardian angel we are more likely to do what is right.

If your response to the idea of having a guardian angel is one of total disbelief, I'd ask you to suspend your cynicism for a day. Acknowledge the possibility -- however unlikely you think it might be -- that you have a guardian angel, and ask it for help.

If more of us acknowledged and listened to our guardian angels the world would be a better place.