Cutting The Cake Didn't Go So Well For This Newlywed Couple

We've seen some pretty epic wedding fails before, but this one might take the cake (literally).

When Ken and Amanda went to cut the cake at their November 8 wedding, they accidentally knocked it over instead.

cake cutting disaster

Wedding photographer Tom Hall, who captured the shot, wrote on his website that following the great cake disaster, "there was a universal gasp that would’ve been heard from down the road."

Thankfully, Hall says the couple took the whole thing in stride.

"I’m sure many people in that room were waiting to see what Ken and Amanda’s reaction would be, but they kept it together beautifully!"

Fortunately, the cake's bottom layers were actually cupcakes, so they were still able to salvage part of their wedding day dessert.

Check out the slideshow below for some more wedding disasters from our readers.

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