The White House Goes All 'West Wing' With 'Big Block Of Cheese Day'

President Bartlet may not be our Commander in Chief, but that doesn't mean the White House isn't influenced by the fictional president from "The West Wing."

This Wednesday (Jan. 29), the White House will hold a virtual version of "Big Block of Cheese Day" which was first introduced to the American people in 1837 when President Jackson "hosted an open house featuring a 1,400-pound block of cheese that sat in the main foyer of the White House."

The event "opened the doors of the White House to thousands of citizens to interact with cabinet members and White House staff -- and carve off a slice of the four foot by two foot thick slab of cheddar," according to the announcement released by the White House blog.

During this year's virtual version, White House officials will take over White House social media accounts to answer questions from Americans in real time.

President Jackson may have held the first "Big Block of Cheese Day," but it was President Bartlet that continued the tradition on "The West Wing."

Watch the video above to see White House Press Secretary C.J. Cregg Jay Carney call up some old "West Wing" alums to make the announcement, and if you need a "Big Block of Cheese Day" refresher check out some clips from the classic NBC series below:



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