What Archibald’s Does Differently From Every Other BBQ Spot

The ultimate backyard BBQ in Alabama
06/14/2017 03:41pm ET

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Though Archibald’s is located firmly in the Deep South, its barbecue techniques are anything but southern.

The Archibald family has long bucked the traditional slow fire method of their BBQ peers — they take the opposite approach, cooking their meats for 45 minutes over hickory wood at a very high heat. The approach has clearly worked, as Archibald’s has an extremely loyal legion of followers, with customers that even span multiple generations.

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Some come for the meat, and others for the thin, tangy sauce with a kick which is so popular it is for sale by the gallon. The charred, slightly spicy, sauce-slathered ribs are the star here, earning multiple awards for the best in the state. But don’t expect to eat them in an ultra-cushy setting.

The original location of Archibald’s is housed in an old cinderblock shack, with a seating capacity of about eleven (all stools), plus some picnic tables. Any local will tell you that it’s all part of the quintessential Archibald’s experience.

Pro tip: The banana pudding is not to be missed.

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