Introducing 'When Men Divorce': A HuffPost Series For Men, By Men

We want to hear your story.

When it comes to open, honest discussions about divorce, we don't often hear much from the perspective of men. Though more women than men initiate divorce, there are few resources out there for guys totally unprepared for the emotional fallout of a split.

That's why we're launching a blog series called When Men Divorce. It's a project written for men by men, touching on everything from co-parenting post-split to making your peace with being single again.

If you're a divorcé who wants to share your story, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a 500-800-word essay to

To kick off the series, Matthew Fray writes about being a "pretty good guy who was pretty bad at marriage." Other posts include Adam Petzold's account of what it's like to "nest" with his ex-wife and Bill Flanigin's explainer on how he created the ultimate man cave.

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