See The Same Advice 18 Mothers From 5 Continents Gave Their Daughters

In August of 2014, Milena Berry and I launched a company called PowerToFly that employs over thirty women across the globe. With this group, we're building a technology platform for hundreds of millions of women to work from anywhere.

We say that everyday is Mother's Day at PowerToFly because even if we aren't working toward matching a mother with a job, we're matching a woman who has a mother with a job!

We decided to step back and tell everyone about our moms. Eighteen women on our team contributed advice from their mothers who hail from five continents, live in multiple time zones and speak different languages. As we were gathering the important messages, we were surprised to see that they all had a similar thread: work hard, treat others the way you want to be treated and keep working hard!

Happy Mother's Day.

Katharine, Co-Founder and President - USA
"My mom told me that there are times in your life when you have to work especially hard. I always remember that when I feel stressed because I know that everything comes in waves with a beginning and an end. She also gave me that advice when I was going through labor!"


Dessi, Head of Community - Bulgaria
"She taught me the importance of working hard and setting high goals."

Nathalie, Chief Revenue Officer - USA
"My mom taught me to walk in anywhere like I own the place (it works!) and to never settle. Also most recently, as a cancer survivor, she's taught me about resilience, and the fact that it's possible to have endless amounts of it."

Mercedes, Global Talent Manager - Argentina
"My mom is handicapped. When she was 6 years old, she broke her arm in three pieces. My mom is from the north of Argentina, where in 1960, there were no doctors. She has not been able to use her left arm at all since. My mom taught me that no matter what people say about you, if you really want something, you can have it ALL. If someone tells you that you cannot do something, do that anyway and show them that it is possible."

Marie Elizabeth, Managing Editor - USA
"As the oldest in my family, I had the privilege of watching my mom raise my four brothers and sisters, work full-time as a teacher,and earn a graduate degree. Her tireless example taught me the value of hard work, and her encouragement of my creativity and ideas gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. She helped me to believe I could do anything I set my mind to, and I hope to empower my daughter to believe the same."

Deveshe, Director of Talent Management - India
"My mother taught me never to be afraid to go after what you want, to focus on it, and pursue it no matter what people say, and what obstacles come up."

Milena, Co-Founder and CEO - USA/Bulgaria
"My mother was amazing at mathematics in high school. As a result, she was one of the first women to study information technology in Bulgaria. She gave me the last money she had saved for her retirement to pay for part of my graduate university. I mean, who does that? Can you imagine emptying your retirement savings account to send your kid to school?"

Kylie, Head of Sales - USA
"She taught ME how to be a mom. She taught me what it means to put your child first, above everything else, no matter what. How to make him/her feel special and safe and beloved at every turn."

Julia, Backend Developer - Russia
"My mom survived in the battle with cancer, and we were going to do a tattoos on our heads if she lost her hair. She taught me to be strong in work and life, to be responsible for all my acts, never stop studying and accept challenges."

Nadya, Web Designer - Bulgaria
"When it comes to her family, she is capable to do everything. She took care of me as a single mother until I was 7. Being a single mother during those times in my country was been considered an absolutely unacceptable thing, but she never allowed me to feel bad because of this. I can only hope to be like her to my daughter."

Cathy, Executive Editor - USA
"My mother who was a New York City schoolteacher for more than 30 years, taught me that throughout my career I should focus not just on getting ahead but also on helping colleagues and direct reports to grow as well. She influenced thousands of high school students who still reach out to her to thank her for all that she did for them while they were teenagers and beyond. It's always so amazing to bump into one of her former students and to see them run out and give her a big hug. She met a young man recently who then reached out to me on Facebook to tell me what a wonderful teacher she was and how my mom helped him hone his writing skills, which lay the groundwork for him to become the TV producer he is today. If someday I've even influenced one person the way she has influenced thousands, I will feel very accomplished!"

Amy, Support Associate - USA
"I'm the youngest of seven children, and my mother loved us all completely selflessly and never asked for anything in return. The older I get, the more respect and admiration I have for her, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that as a future mother, I hope to be even half of the woman she is."

Gina, Operations Management - USA
"My mother taught me the importance of education and work ethic, family dinners, and how to find the humor in just about everything. She instilled the moral compass that I use in every day decisions I make. She brought me up knowing that faith, even as little as a mustard seed, is still much bigger than any obstacle I encounter."

Rachel, Head of Global Talent Management - USA
"Nothing tests your faith in humanity more than when you hear the words, "You have cancer." I had hung up the phone from the doctor, and the phone rang again. It was my mom, who had no idea. All I could manage to get out of my mouth was for her to come to my house and be there with me. She was. She stayed with me for a month. My mom has raised me up from day one."

Anna, Operations Management - Mexico
"My mother taught me to be generous, grateful, and lately how to keep strong. She always told me to give others what I could, material and non-material, to be grateful for what I was getting in life, that I deserved it and had to embrace it because it was meant for me."

Danyelle, Sales Manager - USA
"My mother taught me and my siblings that we could be anything we wanted to be. There was never any question in my mind that I could grow up to have any career I wanted because of her steadfast love and support in everything I do. She taught us that, as long as we worked hard, truly anything is possible."

Diala, Talent Manager - Jordan
"My mom is a superhero to me, raising six great kids, and still so energetic, loving life and beautiful."

Pooja, Backend Developer - India
"She has taught me to be a disciplinarian and a health conscious person as she herself is one."

Devi, Lead Developer - India
"My mother always taught me to be disciplined, and to have faith in the Almighty. She knew the value of an education and pushed me to pursue it, though she herself hasn't studied much. She always warns me when she feels that my work-life balance is off."