White House Super Bowl Menu: Obama's Beer & Food Lineup

White House Super Bowl Menu

The White House has released the menu for President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama's Super Bowl party. The President, who recently said he has love for the Pittsburgh Steelers, invited Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and elected leaders from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to the party. Scroll down to check out what the Obama's will be serving.

- Bratwurst
- Kielbasa
- Cheeseburgers
- Deep Dish Pizza
- Buffalo Wings
- German Potato Salad
- Twice Baked Potatoes
- Snyders Potato Chips and Pretzels
- Chips and Dips
- Salad
- Ice Cream

As for the beer selection, the AP writes:

President Barack Obama is turning again to fermented alcoholic beverages to find common ground between antagonists, this time fans of the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For his Super Bowl party Sunday evening, Obama is offering Yuengling Lager and Light, brewed in Pennsylvania, and Hinterland Pale Ale and Amber Ale, all the way from Wisconsin. Independents can pour down some White House Honey Ale if they like.

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