Who is a Democratic Socialist?

A Bernie-leaning family member just said to me: "Can't Bernie just be satisfied with "progressive"? I understand the semantics issue. I mean, it seems like just a year ago, the word "progressive"and even "liberal" were poison and best avoided if you seriously wanted to make it past Iowa.

So how do I convince my undecided, over-30 friends and family that "Democratic Socialism" may not be as scary or radical as it sounds? The only way I know: with a song. I did try my best "Schoolhouse Rocks" educational vibe.

Here she is:

Who is a democratic socialist?
If you don't know it, I would say it's most of us.
It's nothing to fear, just look in the mirror
You are a socialist too!

Are you for Social Security? "Certainly!
Are you for Medicare? "Glad it's there"
The schools and streets, the good cops on the beat
Don't forget the National Parks.

Who's not a democratic socialist?
Chairman Mao wasn't a democratic socialist
You won't be ordered to sing that Internationale song

Or wear black pajamas like the Viet Cong.

if you really think about it, it's not radical
You can still be filthy rich, not incompatible
There's plenty to spare, just throw in your share
Absolutely everyone deserves healthcare.

Who is a democratic socialist (most of us!)
Your granddad was a democratic socialist
The GI Bill, the WPA
Wonderful things made in the US of A.
You don't have to raise an angry clinched fist.
Although you might kinda look fierce if you did
You care about your fellow man, I know that you do:
You are a socialist, a democratic (in front of the) socialist, you are a socialist too.