Why Jennifer Isn't Laughing At Brad And Angelina

You know why Jennifer Aniston isn't laughing at Brad and Angelina divorcing? Because she isn't some mythical wicked witch!

You can't have missed the news that Angelina and Brad are divorcing, unless of course you, like Mr Clooney, were ensconced in the UN, in which case I'm sorry I broke it to you so bluntly!

You probably haven't missed much of the rumour mill churning out such fabulous snippets as
  • He's having an affair
  • She's such a nightmare that she drove him to drugs
  • He's angry and unreasonable
  • Jennifer Aniston has claimed its karma
  • Aniston is laughing heartily at the situation
And I'm damn sure you haven't missed the Jennifer Aniston memes. Now I'm no humourless northern bird. I can admit I see the attraction of creating and sharing them is hard to resist BUT while they may appear funny, what they actually do is cement the idea that women are mean and enjoy the suffering of another female, that we sit and wish the worst on our fellow females because that makes us feel better. We make the idea of women constantly discounting and belittling other women seem ok.

Let me tell you I've had my heart broken, by someone I loved, he moved swiftly on to someone else and then asked her to marry him, something he never had any intention of asking me. I will admit, that news was a hard pill to swallow. But when he left her, also brokenhearted, with a head full of wedding plans and a family to tell, I didn't celebrate smugly in her pain, I didn't dance around gleefully, I felt bad for her. I felt her pain having your heart broken hurts, losing a relationship sucks, and yeah now with a zen like attitude and the hindsight that he wasn't my 'one' I can be truly happy for past loves because they led me to my path and I'm happy as a pig in muck with my life I can honestly say I genuinely do not wish pain upon others.

An educated guess, given Jennifer's successful career, is that she has moved on, and lets remember we are all worth more than our prior failures. Given that Aniston appears to be happy with her life, a reasonably sensible and educated lass I'm pretty sure she ain't dancing naked in the moonlight giving praise that her Wicken spell succeed because that would make her the bad guy in this and she isn't.

This Angelina and Brad thing isn't anything to do with Jennifer Aniston yeah she was married to the guy but I imagine she feels sad for the kids having to go through this because rest assured this is going to be the most public divorce for a loooooong time

So please lets try to remember this is about a family falling apart not about maintaining the patriarchal myth that women are sly, wicked, untrustworthy and always seeking to revel in another woman's failure. Because we all know that women standing together and helping each other is a force to be reckoned with. This situation isn't about pitting women against each other in some sort of virtual celebrity death match, because this isn't about Aniston. This is about the pain of an entire family in an awful situation.