The Steepest Street In The World Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Guard ye quadriceps.

We all know New Zealand is a magical place full of hobbits and good coffee, so it totally makes sense that it’s home to yet another dazzling wonder: the world’s steepest residential street.

Baldwin Street is in the coastal city of Dunedin. Its gradient is such that for every 2.86 meters you walk forward, you gain a meter of elevation. (Hint: That’s really steep.) The street is so steep, in fact, that some houses appear to sink right into the ground:

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Baldwin Street is commonly known as the world’s steepest street, but it’s got hot competition: Canton Avenue in Pennsylvania is said to have an even steeper gradient, but the street isn’t as long and doesn’t have nearly as many homes.

Travelers have clearly cast their unofficial vote for Baldwin Street on Instagram, coming up with all sorts of crazy-cool optical illusions that highlight the absurd incline.

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Want to try your hand at climbing the world’s steepest street? Head to New Zealand’s South Island, where you’ll also find beaches, bungee jumping and hobbit lore galore. The island would also make a pretty great place to live if Donald Trump becomes president. Just saying.

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