Zach Wahls, Iowa Student, Pro-Gay Marriage Speech Goes Viral Again (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Pro-Gay Marriage Video So Inspirational It's Gone Viral Again 11 Months After Its Debut

An Iowa student's profound pro-gay parenting, pro-marriage equality speech has gone viral -- for the second time -- 11 months after it first exploded on the Internet.

Though Zach Wahls, 19, made the moving testimony in front of the Iowa House of Representatives back in February, the video has re-surfaced in the blogosphere now after being posted on's website yesterday.

The clip is sweeping Twitter and Facebook all over again as many find it just as inspirational now as they did in February due to the continuing debates about same-sex marriage and gay parenting in the United States.

"I guess the point is that our family isn't so different than any other Iowa family," he says in the clip. "When I'm home, we go to church together, we eat dinner, we go on vacations."

After acknowledging his family's usual set of struggles, he went on to note, "We're Iowans, we don't don't expect anyone to solve our problems for us, we'll fight our own battles. We just hope for equal and fair treatment from our government."

Take a look at Wahl's moving speech, and other clips featuring the student and his family, below:

Other Zach Wahls Moments

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