Zendaya Works To Help Students Build Careers In Tech And Science

Yet another reason to love Zendaya. 🙌

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Actress, singer and dancer Zendaya came out in support of Verizon’s #WeNeedMore campaign in Los Angeles. The campaign’s main focus is to introduce students to the exciting possibilities of careers in science, technology, engineering and math. 

She accompanied students from the program into a recording and editing workshop at Capitol Studios, in the iconic Capitol Records building. The students got a chance to experience all the behind-the-scenes technology and engineering that goes into making the music they know and love. 

“I wanted them to see that it’s not just me, I’m not the only one that makes this happen.”

The experience allowed students to be exposed to all the career possibilities they could pursue, beyond being the on-camera talent, like engineering or sound mixing. 

As for Zendaya’s main message to these young kids? “We need more young people to be exactly who they want to be.” Sounds pretty inspiring, if you ask us. 

Visit weneedmore.com to learn more. Note: Verizon is a parent company of The Huffington Post.

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