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Jan 20 - Feb 18The Water BearerAirUranus

Aquarius is the eccentric and humanitarian visionary of the zodiac. They are innovative thinkers who value freedom, independence, and equality. Aquarians are dedicated to making the world a better place throughtheir unique perspectives.




Figuring out what makes you feel secure could be a high priority at this time. While creative Mercury in your nourishing 4th house reassures anxious Saturn in your finance zone, it may be true that you don't have as much money as you'd like. Even so, knowing that you're already using the resources realistically available to you in the most effective way possible might reassure you. No matter what happens, you still have your wits and strength on your side.

Your Week In Love

Life has become all about pleasure, joy, and love. You can thank expansive Jupiter for this cosmic shift in your priorities, since it just entered your exuberant 5th house last Saturday and will remain in this part of your chart for a full year. As a result, you're now the celestial favorite when it comes to enjoying a bounty of romantic opportunities and pleasurable moments -- no matter what your current relationship status might be! On Sunday, love truly makes a statement as Jupiter reaches out to dynamic Pluto in your sign. A romantic happening can change your heart forever in unbelievably positive ways.

Your Next 30 Days

Your domestic life continues to thrive this month! Plenty of exciting new developments are possible. Thanks to a stunning New Moon in your homey 4th house on May 7, there might be an opportunity to invest in real estate or to relocate. If you're already living in the home of your dreams, this is a great window of opportunity to start a home renovation project. Hire a new contractor, decorator, landscaper, or even a housekeeper after this New Moon -- you'll probably be very pleased!

Friendship is highlighted during the Full Moon on May 23. There's the potential that a pal will require your emotional support around this time. Conversely, you might be so busy that you decide to step back from a group you're a member of to clear some space in your calendar.

By May 25, love is in the air! Lucky Jupiter enters your romance sector at this time and will remain here for a full year. If single, you'll have extraordinary prospects to meet your true love. If coupled, there are countless ways to deepen your relationship. With Jupiter in Gemini, you'll have options. What will you choose?

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