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Mar 21 - Apr 19The RamFireMars

Aries is the fearless trailblazer of the zodiac. They are passionate, ambitious, and always eager to take the lead. With boundless energy and a competitive spirit, Aries strives to conquer challenges and achieve their goals.




You might be your own worst critic. This may be something that's a common practice with you, or it may be something that comes after a rare failure that damaged your faith in yourself. While it can be easy to beat yourself up in the aftermath of an issue, you'll be happier overall if you forgive yourself first. After that, you can figure out what changes will help you avoid future problems. Remember, every mistake is just a step closer to knowing what's right!

Your Week In Love

This is a "brand new you" kind of week, Aries! It all happens courtesy of a powerful Solar Eclipse in your sign on Monday. This could have you finally putting the pieces together connected to changes you know that you're long overdue to make. This eclipse is next to Mercury Retrograde, also in your sign, making it vital for you to step back before you leap forward. You are ready to reinvent yourself in many ways, especially if whatever you have been doing in order to facilitate your goals, romantic and otherwise, isn't working according to plan. Take today to rewrite your plan for romance.

Your Next 30 Days

It's your month to shine -- even if you're not exactly sure how you're going to do that as April begins. Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on April 1 and doesn't station direct until April 25. This period prompts you to go deep inside your mind and recalibrate any thoughts that you know are no longer serving you. Dump what needs to go and move forward from there! A Solar Eclipse in your sign on April 8 makes for a spectacular opportunity to reinvent yourself, either your literal physical appearance or in terms of your personal desires and relationship goals. You're ready to be more visible and take up the space you know in your heart you deserve.

A gorgeous Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20 is a sign of a spectacular financial windfall. And when Venus enters your 2nd House of Earnings on April 29, the money will potentially keep rolling in! As the cherry on top, bold Mars enters your sign on April 30. This transit infuses you with all of the ambition and energy to claim what you know is rightfully yours in this life. You'll be almost unstoppable!

Key Themes: self-reflection, identity crisis, personal change, transformation, financial windfalls, sudden money, goals, fresh starts

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