Bank of America

The bank will cut the overdraft fees it charges customers to $10 from $35 starting in May. It will also stop charging fees for bounced checks.
"Most exciting thing from that franchise since, well, ever," one fan wrote.
Police arrested a maskless Texas woman in a bank after she refused to leave and cried “police brutality.”
Terry White tried to get fellow Bank of America customers to help her when she was handcuffed after she refused to wear a mask.
The bank says it asks account holders about citizenship in order to comply with the government's country-specific sanctions.
The bank pledged in April to stop financing companies that sell military-style firearms to civilians. Remington made the Bushmaster rifle used in the Sandy Hook school massacre.
Raphael A. Sanchez allegedly targeted seven people whose cases were being processed by the agency.
People who once had free accounts may now have to pay $12 a month.