"It went on for two miles,” one beachgoer said of the worms.
President Donald Trump’s understanding of the kidney suggests he may have played hooky during Biology 101.
Twitter users offer the president a free biology lesson after his latest bizarre gaffe.
The insect apocalypse is indeed upon us, according to the first global scientific review of insect population decline.
Solving the mystery of a life form known as Dickinsonia has been called paleontology's "Holy Grail."
For centuries, animals’ capacity for human-like behavior went unnoticed. Now we know they’re more like us than we thought, but we’re still not sure how to act.
Neanderthals weren't the only ones modern humans liked to sleep with.
Even the scientist James Damore cited in his memo disagrees with its conclusion.
Design student Dani Clode has invented a prosthetic thumb that serves as an additional digit for able-bodied humans instead of a replacement.
When presented with a tall obstacle, fire ants construct towers that look a lot like a famous one in Paris.
Grace Pokela hopes her words will “empower" others.
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In 1964, Mariner 4 became the first spacecraft to successfully arrive at Mars. While some scientists of the time were expecting