Even crypto boosters want new laws, but some experts say regulators already have the legal tools they need.
A directive about the regulatory process could lead to progressive movement on climate change, public health and worker safety.
The Trump administration has actively worked to roll back nearly 100 regulations on climate change, which the president has downplayed in the past.
It's just the latest environmental regulatory rollback since the United States became the epicenter of COVID-19.
The changes are estimated to save the oil industry $824 million over the next decade.
The Trump administration wants to cut benefits for 755,000 people through regulation.
Environmental groups loathed NAFTA for helping to outsource pollution to Mexico. The revised deal may make that worse.
A judge ruled the secretary of education's attempts to delay the Obama administration's regulations "unlawful."
The regulation, ironically drafted in secret, comes as Republican support for the embattled administrator wanes.
But history may have already handed us the right one.