The changes are estimated to save the oil industry $824 million over the next decade.
The Trump administration wants to cut benefits for 755,000 people through regulation.
Environmental groups loathed NAFTA for helping to outsource pollution to Mexico. The revised deal may make that worse.
A judge ruled the secretary of education's attempts to delay the Obama administration's regulations "unlawful."
The regulation, ironically drafted in secret, comes as Republican support for the embattled administrator wanes.
But history may have already handed us the right one.
Meanwhile, Congress is considering a bill that would make it harder to write regulations.
The White House seems to measure regulations in terms of dollars and cents. What about lives lost or saved?
Litigation is a divisive tool for environmental decision-making.
It turns out that confirming Gorsuch and achieving deregulation are inextricably linked.
American business is at risk of plunging into a race to the bottom.
What matters is whether the objectives of regulation are being achieved.
President Trump doesn’t need Congress to begin unraveling Dodd-Frank, the complex law enacted as a bulwark against the financial