Credit Cards

Record-low mortgages below 3% are long gone. Credit card rates will likely rise. So will the cost of an auto loan.
As habitual internet over-sharers, are we as much to blame for the never-ending rise of identity theft as those who are taking advantage of us?
If your identity is stolen, the police aren't well equipped to investigate it.
Afterpay, Klarna and Sezzle are essentially modern-day layaway programs that entice online shoppers to spend more.
Credit limits are also being slashed as new credit card accounts fell by 65% during the pandemic.
Plus, what happens to your FICO score if you take out a loan, pay down your balance and more.
You could piggyback on someone else's good credit instead.
There's a chance your family could be on the hook for it.
In this secret corner of the internet, credit card numbers are sold for $100 apiece.