Drowsy Driving

Police say the accident was caused by a drowsy driver.
The company wants its drivers to be able to work unlimited hours, and now plans to sell them insurance against the accidents that are sure to occur.
According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, adults should get seven or more hours
Now you may think that you can manage in your everyday life on little sleep and that the consequences you might have suffered from cutting back on weekday sleep are not that dire, but there is one serious consequence that is not terribly forgiving: drowsy driving.
Why employers should work – at work—to reduce drowsy driving There is a national effort underway to raise awareness of drowsy
It’s time to wake up to the serious effects of drowsy driving.
She wants to make other parents don't suffer a loss like hers.
Phil Konstantin has been lobbying for drowsy driving awareness for almost two decades.
It takes treatment and a dose of self-awareness.
In 2008, Alex Noel was 17 years old when exhaustion was a factor in a near-death car accident. He and his mom open up about the accident and discuss why sleep is vital for staying safe on the road.
At age 17, Alex Noel was involved in a drowsy driving car accident that left him partially paralyzed for several months. He and his mom open up about the accident and discuss the ways in which young people are prone to exhaustion and drowsy driving accidents.
Caterpillar Safety Services monitors its truck drivers for signs of fatigue.