Recycling & Repurposing

Most nations have banded together to tackle the crisis, but the U.S. keeps undermining their efforts.
After World War II, brands encouraged a throwaway culture that's now drowning the world in trash.
If you bring a tote bag to the grocery store, you're not necessarily saving the planet.
California is the country’s biggest produce-growing region grappling with ways to rescue edible food waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.
How neighbors in a small town exposed the dirtiest secrets of our broken recycling system.
"We have a duty to future generations to clean up the mess that has been made," said a sponsor of the bill now awaiting the governor's signature.
Capitalism, greed and inequality have created a crisis in the global recycling system.
This new reality risks an increase of plumes of toxic pollution that threaten many black and Latino communities.
Don’t mix grocery shopping bags with your bottles and cans. It’s a disaster for recycling facilities.
Most wrapping paper for presents can't be recycled. It's bound for the landfill.
At this point, recycling won’t save us. But there are some other scientific innovations that might.
Everything at ReTuna is recycled, reused or sustainably produced.
Eateries will now have to donate or compost leftover food.
We may be shocked that brands burn and shred wearable clothes, but it's inevitable for a system that pumps out billions of pieces a year.
Recycling backpacks, old gym shoes, glasses and art supplies just got easier.
America is in the midst of what one official calls an "unprecedented" recycling crisis.
The ban there marks a major milestone in the movement against disposable plastics.
Many local food and beverage merchants are already on board.