Recycling & Repurposing

Eateries will now have to donate or compost leftover food.
We may be shocked that brands burn and shred wearable clothes, but it's inevitable for a system that pumps out billions of pieces a year.
Recycling backpacks, old gym shoes, glasses and art supplies just got easier.
America is in the midst of what one official calls an "unprecedented" recycling crisis.
The ban there marks a major milestone in the movement against disposable plastics.
Many local food and beverage merchants are already on board.
The symbols on plastic items don’t necessarily indicate whether or not you can recycle them. Here’s what you need to know.
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A smiling, talking fridge might seem fun. But what happens when it has said all it has to say?
Despite plastic bag bans in places like California showing signs of success, a growing number of states are enacting prohibitions
In Shanghai, an army of secret recyclers has been credited with keeping mountains of trash out of the city's landfills.
The country has been the “world’s wastebasket” for decades. But starting Jan. 1, China has said "no more."
“Sometimes the whole place smells of petrol. What choice do we have?”
It's time to take stock of those five identical shirts.
All of its restaurants will also feature recycling bins.
“We’re going after those who have profited," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.