Bill De Blasio

The New York City mayor dropped out of the presidential race on Friday, conceding, “It’s clearly not my time."
The New York mayor struggled to stand out in a crowded 2020 Democratic field.
Adam Eli hopes the video will help people take action against violence targeting LGBTQ communities.
The New York mayor and 2020 presidential contender has faced harsh criticism for repeatedly failing to take action after Garner's fatal 2014 arrest.
Attorney General William Barr and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are among the officials demanding more information.
The New York mayor sparred with the Fox News host on a variety of hot button issues on Wednesday night.
"There was such desire for change,” said the New York City mayor, who endorsed Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election.
Bill de Blasio, Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Bennet aren't going to be president. But they each shined for a moment in Wednesday's Democratic primary debate.
But the New York City mayor was dogged by criticism for allowing the cop who killed Eric Garner to remain on the police force.
Daniel Pantaleo has remained on paid desk duty in the five years since Garner’s death, which has caused activists and Garner’s family to sharply criticize de Blasio.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to “do everything in our power to keep this community safe and get guns off our streets.”
“The NYPD failed us. Mayor de Blasio failed us. And now the DOJ has failed us,” Gwen Carr wrote in a New York Daily News op-ed.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said immigration enforcement agents did not succeed in rounding up any residents from two targeted neighborhoods.
The soccer star reached out to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio hoping for a replacement.
Dante de Blasio recalled a near-encounter with an officer during which he said he felt afraid.
The comrade-in-arms to Cuba's Fidel Castro is hated in Miami, where the New York City mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful spoke at a union rally.
Even when the 10 candidates disagreed with progressive orthodoxy, they were talking about it — and they mostly weren't attacking their rivals for being too extreme.
The U.S. president kicked off his state visit to the UK by tweeting insults comparing the London mayor to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.
The iconic feminist said the New York City mayor is one of her top four candidates.
The House Judiciary Committee chairman appeared to faint during a New York City news conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio.