Bill De Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he will ask the state to approve a plan to close schools and nonessential businesses in nine communities with worrying COVID-19 clusters.
Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening fines of up to $1,000 for those who refuse to wear masks.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said it's “an extraordinary opportunity" to say "here’s one of our own who changed the world.”
The New Yorkers, interviewed by a federal housing official, didn't know they’d be featured at the Republican National Convention, The New York Times reported.
Dr. Oxiris Barbot announced her departure on Tuesday in an email to the mayor that criticized his handling of her department.
President Donald Trump’s most famous New York City building is getting new artwork after a group, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, painted “Black Lives Matter” in front of the building.
"I affixed my Black Lives Matter sign to my walker, put on my PPE and wheeled out into the streets ... The police brutalize and kill too many Black people for me to remain on the sidelines."
Monday marks the second of four reopening phases. Mayor Bill de Blasio sees it as “the single biggest piece of our economy.”
“Every city worker, every student will have an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of our history and the truth," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
De Blasio ended a citywide curfew Sunday and announced several changes intended to address calls for police reform.