Chris Christie

The former Trump confidant broke down the former president's behavior ahead of a possible indictment.
Trump isn't measuring up under one of his favorite metrics of success.
The former New Jersey governor hit back at the former president — but critics said he was much too late.
That's based on polling before the 2020 election, the actual vote — and dismal midterms, said the Republican and one-time staunch Trump ally.
She reportedly boasted as she scuffled with deputies that she was related to powerful people.
The idea that "any serious candidate for higher public office would meet with him is appalling," the Anti-Defamation League also said.
"We're losing, and losing and losing," and it's Trump's fault, said the former N.J. governor who may run against Trump in a race for the presidency.
The former GOP governor said Trump was antagonizing prosecutors with "nonsense arguments on television."
The ABC News anchor fired back at the GOP former governor after he likened Jan. 6 to previous presidential election outcomes.
Gov. Christie signed a ban on gay conversion therapy emphasizing conversion therapy exposes children to health risks, outweighing potential benefits. More to the point, conversion therapy is child abuse risking depression, drug abuse and suicide. Senator Ted Lieu talks about why he supports a ban on conversion therapy in California.