Chris Christie

The former New Jersey governor says it's not a feasible effort to beat Trump that way.
“I’ll wait to see the complete field before I make my judgment,” the former GOP presidential candidate added.
Christie, who suspended his own presidential campaign in January, said his bid illustrated that it's a "really hard job to change a party."
The former New Jersey governor dropped out of the Republican primary contest in early January, ahead of the Iowa caucuses.
The “Tonight Show” host also ribbed the former Trump ally on why he’s now “just like us.”
Moments before he announced his exit from the GOP presidential campaign, the former New Jersey governor said his rival in the 2024 race is "not up to this.”
The former New Jersey governor was Donald Trump's loudest critic in the field, making him anathema to most Republican primary voters.
The GOP presidential candidate has since become a staunch critic of the former president.
The GOP presidential contender said it "should make everybody concerned about her candidacy."
The former New Jersey governor said his position on the court decision might seem "counterintuitive" to many due to his criticism of the former president.