Democratic National Convention

Many supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are pushing back against Joe Biden's advisers' track records of supporting military intervention.
Changes demanded by Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters now have broader backing.
The move comes amid ongoing concerns about the coronavirus and was made after party leaders consulted with medical experts.
Vice President will still accept the presidential nomination at a scaled-down DNC in Milwaukee, but most events will be held virtually.
The changes could allow presidential delegates to participate in the nomination process "without putting their own health at risk."
But party Chairman Tom Perez has expressed concern such an event would fail to garner needed media attention.
Former Vice President Joe Biden called for the delay earlier this week, citing the coronavirus pandemic.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is ending her presidential campaign after a poor performance on Super Tuesday.
If the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful does not get a majority of delegates, he could have a fight on his hands.
The democratic socialist is assembling a broad coalition of voters.