Jay Inslee

The Democrat gained a national profile by challenging the travel ban and other policies of former President Donald Trump.
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee warns that certain provisions, including permitting and Buy-American incentives, could be a problem for the U.S.’s first big climate law, but says there’s hope on the local level.
Robert LaMay famously quit his job with a bitter videotaped sign-off directed at Gov. Jay Islee over his strict COVID vaccine mandates.
"You can’t have an economy ultimately where just nobody pays rent,” said Gov. Jay Inslee (D) while announcing his decision to allow the moratorium to end.
"We won’t gamble with the health of our children, our educators and school staff," Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee said.
People are now left wondering whether health care systems are playing favorites with the much-sought-after vaccines.
Overlake Medical Center reportedly sent an email to about 110 top donors with a link to sign up for appointments "by invite" only.
Pro-Trump protesters opened a locked front gate and walked up the driveway as the governor and his wife were inside.
Loren Culp, the Republican challenging Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, appears to echo right-wing conspiracists rather than official data.