Jay Inslee

The president called the demonstrators "anarchists" and said they "must be stooped."
The new initiative, called Evergreen, aims to push the Washington governor’s widely hailed campaign platform on Joe Biden and congressional leaders.
At a town hall on CNN, the Democratic presidential candidate urged Trump to stop attacking governors who seek supplies for hospitals amid the coronavirus crisis.
“Don’t call,” the president told Vice President Pence of the governors as the states battle the growing pandemic.
The Washington governor has been dealing with a spike in COVID-19 cases, largely in the Seattle area, which has caused more than a dozen deaths so far.
Just weeks before the first votes are counted, no governor is a serious contender in the Democratic race.
The Massachusetts senator toured an area visited three times by former fellow presidential candidate Jay Inslee, whose climate policy she has adopted.
“We aren’t waiting for Big Tobacco to tell us what is in their products,” the Democrat said.
At a CNN climate change forum, the California senator said she agreed with former Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee in opposing the Senate procedure.
The Washington governor had a tree-mendous response to an article in The Onion mocking his withdrawal from the presidential race.