John Bolton

President Donald Trump has fired his National Security Adviser John Bolton.
Sir Kim Darroch called Trump's actions "diplomatic vandalism," according to new cables obtained by the Daily Mail.
After threatening a key defense bill, senators are slated to vote on an amendment to rein in the president’s ability to initiate military action.
Trump’s explanation for why he canceled a missile strike on Iran raises serious questions about his National Security Council decision-making process.
Cruise ship and other leisure travel to the island is banned over the Cuban government’s support of Venezuela's leader.
Ranking members of Congress have been given updates from the White House on the alleged threat from Iran after complaining they had been kept out of the loop.
At the root of the recent spike in tensions appears to be Trump’s decision a year ago to pull out of the nuclear deal.
National security adviser John Bolton said the deployments were in response to “troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” from Iran.
National Security adviser John Bolton confirmed the U.S. signed a deal to give North Korea $2 million for the release of imprisoned U.S. student Otto Warmbier, but noted that the U.S. broke the deal and no money was paid.
Trump's national security adviser also refused to weigh in on Otto Warmbier's killing.
National security adviser John Bolton says he doesn’t see the point in listening to the audiotape of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.
Trump’s slapdash attempt at negotiations has left the U.S. isolated from its Asian allies.
Iraqi women could have helped stabilize the country. Instead, they have been left homeless, widowed and impoverished.
President Donald Trump got very jealous when his brand new National Security Adviser John Bolton got a standing ovation at a tax roundtable in Hialeah, Florida.
For Trump, he’s “a tough cookie”. But for the world, John Bolton is a very dangerous addition to the White House.
Another day, another White House departure. This time it’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster turning his back on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
One of the most notorious advocates for the Iraq War is set to advise the president on U.S. foreign policy.
He's one of the most controversial figures in foreign policy.