Kevin McCarthy

Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's upcoming "Peril" documents an explosive response from the former president.
The House minority leader, who is vaccinated, fired off a message opposing vaccine mandates.
“Mr. McCarthy should be defending Congress’s prerogative to investigate, not trying to curb it with threats and bullying."
Rep. McCarthy and Rep. Greene baselessly claimed companies could be shut down if they comply with legal requests from the House select committee.
Brendan Carr didn’t mention this as he bolstered the GOP leader’s dubious claim that it would be illegal for telecom companies to preserve call records.
The House Republican leader has evolved quite a bit on whether Congress should investigate the attack.
The House minority leader threatened telecom and tech firms in an attempt to keep them from complying with the Jan. 6 investigation.
The House select committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot asked 35 firms to preserve the phone records of an unknown group of people this week.
If Republicans take back the majority in the House, Banks said there should be consequences for the lawmakers on the special committee.
The Republican Accountability Project explains why the top House Republican and 1950s Sen. Joseph McCarthy "aren’t so different."