Kevin McCarthy

The freshman lawmaker called out the House minority leader for blaming video games after two mass shootings.
They won't even acknowledge the report's damning conclusion that the president may have obstructed justice.
Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson reportedly researched the "Morning Joe" co-host while allegedly planning an attack on Democrats and journalists.
The Iowa lawmaker's praise of white nationalism may finally have gone too far.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy thought Twitter was censoring his feed. (Narrator: They weren't.)
The House majority leader deflected twice, saying he was "more concerned" about the economy and trade discussions.
It's going to be an interesting seven months.
Are GOP lawmakers trying to run out the clock on themselves?
In the Golden State's agricultural heartland, young undocumented immigrants plead for support from their congressmen.
A recording has emerged of GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying he believes President Donald Trump is being paid by Vladimir Putin.
Democrats and Republicans are locked in battle over values, not numbers.
Jan. 20th, 11:07am With not even an hour of his presidency to spare, Barack Obama huddled in the holding room in the U.S
And coverage will be better. And people with pre-existing conditions will still get coverage. And everyone will get a free pony!