Kirsten Gillibrand

What to make of Kirsten Gillibrand’s failure to launch.
The New York senator centered her political advocacy in Congress and on the campaign trail on women’s rights.
"We're a country that believes in second chances," the Democratic presidential candidate said.
The top-polling Democratic candidate has been fielding attack after attack from his presidential rivals.
He once wrote an op-ed saying Congress would be subsidizing the "deterioration of the family" if it approved an amendment expanding a child care tax credit.
The presidential hopeful said she's very much over "blaming a woman for the actions of a man" in the wake of a New Yorker article on the former senator.
"Institutional racism is real,” the 2020 Democrat told a crowd in Ohio. “It doesn’t take away your pain or suffering. It’s just a different issue."
The Democratic hopeful was left out of the magazine’s photo shoot featuring the female 2020 presidential candidates.
Sens. Warren and Harris emerged the clear winners, crushing all the outdated stereotypes about female presidential candidates.
Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and more share the stage for the second night of the debates in Miami.
"The Late Show" host dished some all-American advice for the Democratic hopefuls.
Biden is perhaps unwittingly sending a confusing message to young girls. Warren has, of course, more of a plan.
“I think there’s some issues that have such moral clarity that we have, as a society, decided that the other side is not acceptable,” the presidential hopeful said Tuesday.
Joe Biden changed his position on federal abortion funding limits, joining Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and others in pushing to end the measure.
After he told a voter otherwise, his campaign says he's only "open" to repealing the Hyde Amendment if circumstances change.
The proposal would use recreational marijuana taxes to fund drug war reparations.
The New York senator expressed no regrets for making clear "we value women."
The 2020 Democratic candidate had a simple answer when Chris Wallace asked about her statement that women should have a seat at the table.
The Democratic senator said Fox News had been a "problem" when it came to language around abortion. Host Chris Wallace said the lawmaker wasn't being "polite."
The 2020 candidate, a Catholic, said the Republican Party's policies don't line up with the Gospel's commands to serve the poor and the sick.