The director of “Joyland” condemned the government decision, calling it “unconstitutional and illegal.”
A gunman opened fire at a container truck carrying Khan, wounding him lightly in the foot.
The World Health Organization is raising the alarm about a “second disaster” in the wake of the deadly floods in Pakistan this summer, as doctors and medical workers on the ground race to battle outbreaks of waterborne and other diseases.
Entire villages in Pakistan have turned into islands and could stay that way for a long time.
Speaking from Islamabad, Antonio Guterres said countries bearing more responsibility for climate change "should have faced this challenge."
Authorities warn that more flooding is expected as Lake Manchar swells from unprecedented monsoon rains that have killed nearly 1,300 people.
Although the rains stopped three days ago, large swaths of the country remain under water, and the main rivers, the Indus and the Swat, are still swollen.
“Today, it’s Pakistan. Tomorrow, it could be your country," said the secretary-general.
Pakistani authorities reported the casualties since the monsoon season began earlier than normal this year, destroying nearly 300,000 homes.
Thousands of Pakistanis have been injured or displaced, with Prime Minster Shabaz Sharif asking the international community for help.