Rick Scott

Scott slammed the Green New Deal and got defensive when AOC struck back.
The governor's office said the Broward County sheriff DeSantis' office issued a statement saying, "has repeatedly failed and has demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership."
Florida had one of the harshest policies when it came to stripping voting rights from people convicted of felonies. That changes Tuesday.
Neither the machine recount nor the manual recount of “overvotes” and “undervotes” appreciably changed the final margin of votes.
The biggest difference, observers say, is the rhetoric elected officials are using to escalate accusations of fraud.
Broward County's new numbers probably wouldn't have affected the final results, though.
It's still not clear if Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson or his Republican challenger, Governor Rick Scott, won the race.
Twitter users cited other Bible verses that may be more appropriate for the Florida senator.
The CNN host said that the Florida governor "can't prove anything" as the election recount proceeds.
By characterizing basic safeguards as illegitimate, Rick Scott and President Trump are undermining democracy.
Rick Scott is trying to limit the number of votes that can be recounted in Florida’s Democrat-leaning counties.
"Must go with Election Night!” the president tweeted in support of candidates Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis.
Gov. Rick Scott wants to block the state from counting ballots not tallied by the deadline for submitting unofficial results.
Schumer said the state's governor, who is leading in the Senate race, “has a self-interest in jaundicing" the process.
Trump and Scott have offered no proof for claims of rampant fraud in Scott's contentious Senate race against Bill Nelson, which looks headed for a recount.
The Florida Senate race will undergo a machine recount, then a hand recount, starting this weekend.
The Republican governor is facing a likely recount as his lead in a U.S. Senate race against incumbent Bill Nelson shrinks.
The 2018 Senate race in Florida between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson is headed to a recount.
Under Florida law, if the unofficial results show a margin of 0.5 percent or less, the race heads to a machine recount, ordered by the secretary of state.
Democrat Bill Nelson said he doesn’t plan to concede, since Republican Scott's margin of victory will trigger a recount.