Rick Scott

The longtime party leader fended off a challenge from Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), a Trump ally who led a conservative effort to unseat him.
"The status quo is broken and big change is needed,” said the Florida Republican, who just presided over the Senate GOP's disastrous defeat in the midterms.
The Republican senator said violent extremism "has to stop," but he wouldn't call out the GOP rhetoric about election fraud that may have incited Pelosi's attack.
Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) handed an award shaped like a kitchen utensil to the Fox News host for standing up for freedom on Thursday.
The GOP Senate nominee has been rattled by explosive allegations that he paid an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion, then pressured her to have a second one.
Sen. Rick Scott explained Trump's racist attack on Elaine Chao by saying "the president likes to give people nicknames."
“As you know, the president likes to give people nicknames," said Scott, who chairs Senate Republicans' campaign committee.
The Florida senator denounced GOP critics of the party's struggling Senate candidates for engaging in "an amazing act of cowardice... it’s treasonous to the conservative cause."
The Florida Republican says “this will be a short-term gig” because Republicans will try to hobble the agency if they win back control of Congress.
"None of them care — except to tweet,” Jon Stewart said after GOP lawmakers stalled a bill meant to expand benefits for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals.