Ron Paul

22 Minutes' Mark Critch hits the road to check in on the Republican candidates in South Carolina.
"The Late Show" host gleefully ribbed the ex-House member, who "definitely leans to the right."
A look back at the figures whom history has proven right about the war in Iraq.
He replaced the post with the same attack on "cultural Marxism" but dropped the offensive cartoon.
“We’re really trying to find people who aren’t beholden to leadership,” Paul said.
Service members aren't allowed to become publicly involved in partisan politics. However, they do speak indirectly, via polls and contributions.
I can now say I have felt the Bern, from beginning to end. I have seen how the Bernie revolution began and I have also seen it entering the homestretch of campaigning during the primary season, one short week before California and a few other states become the last to vote.