Supreme Court

Democrats have introduced a series of bills targeting the court on specific issues like abortion and changes to its makeup.
The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia said the justices will both be spokesmen for civics education and civility in politics.
Cara Mund, a recent Harvard Law School graduate, announced her run at a time when the only abortion clinic in Fargo prepares to relocate across the border to Minnesota.
The Supreme Court decision on abortion has scrambled the political dynamics heading into the November elections, when control of Congress is at stake.
“A complainant who consents to sex on the condition that their partner wear a condom does not consent to sex without" one, Canada's Supreme Court ruled.
The Supreme Court Review Act would let a simple majority — sans filibuster — respond to decisions like the one overturning Roe v. Wade.
Alito joked that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson "paid the price" for speaking out against the majority opinion that demolished U.S. abortion rights.
The judge said the probe did reveal contempt for the state’s open records law by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and a former state Supreme Court justice he hired.
Police say the 27-year-old defendant confessed to raping the girl on two separate occasions upon his July 12 arrest.
The Supreme Court struck down a case about an environmental regulation that never even took effect. The decision says a lot about the GOP-controlled judiciary and how the government will handle climate change.