Supreme Court

The House voted 98-38 for a bill that already has cleared the state Senate by the three-fifths margin needed to bring the question before voters in 2024.
“The arc of the universe does bend toward justice, but we have to help,” the Supreme Court justice told law students.
In a narrow win for abortion rights advocates, a divided Oklahoma Supreme Court overturned a portion of the state’s near-total ban on abortion.
The state's only abortion clinic hopped across the state line to Minnesota over the summer, while the lawsuit proceeds.
On the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the president spoke of the continued fight for voting protections despite a lack of visible progress.
Questions about the fairness of Biden’s plan underscore the big problems with conservatives’ new favorite doctrine.
The court is asking for new briefs after the North Carolina Supreme Court granted a rehearing in the underlying case.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Attorney General Merrick Garland got into it over protests at the homes of Supreme Court justices.
“I’m confident we’re on the right side of the law,” the president said. “I’m not confident about the outcome of the decision yet.”
The Texas Republican pressed the attorney general on the DOJ's response to demonstrations in the wake of the leaked draft opinion on axing Roe v. Wade.