abercrombie and fitch

The cover goes along with the magazine's latest feature, "The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch," which chronicles the rise and
The company said the new agreement has a more simplified, performance-based compensation structure that is designed to align
The best part of this, that very few people caught, is that they are for now only going to sell the "plus-size" clothing online. Not at the stores. Apparently, Abercrombie has standards. The "fat, uncool" women cannot go into the stores. They can shop online, where they belong.
Several months later, Abercrombie released a shirt that said “Brunettes have brains.” It was a far cry from the systemic
Today's communications between customers and companies - about reviews or complaints, customer service praises or critiques, and assessments of a company's social or environmental records - are often animated, emotional, and highly visible. Just ask Applebee's.
"Given our emotional attachment to vanity sizing, our critique of A&F is both ironic and ill-conceived," she wrote. "If so
The retailer was forced to make another apology after a group of teen activists went to Abercrombie's headquarters in Columbus