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The company also said it plans to hire brand presidents for its Abercrombie & Fitch, abercrombie kids, and Hollister brands
The best part of this, that very few people caught, is that they are for now only going to sell the "plus-size" clothing online. Not at the stores. Apparently, Abercrombie has standards. The "fat, uncool" women cannot go into the stores. They can shop online, where they belong.
Several months later, Abercrombie released a shirt that said “Brunettes have brains.” It was a far cry from the systemic
Today's communications between customers and companies - about reviews or complaints, customer service praises or critiques, and assessments of a company's social or environmental records - are often animated, emotional, and highly visible. Just ask Applebee's.
I squeezed myself into the second-largest A&F women’s size available -- an 8 -- and dieted to stay that size. It terrified
The declines in sales actually came before controversy erupted over Jeffries' 2006 remarks, in which he defended the exclusivity
Homelessness is profoundly complicated. People experiencing homelessness are not all in the same situation for the same reason.
I am thrilled to see Abercrombie finally issue what I believe to be a heartfelt apology and I am cautiously optimistic that our hard work has paid off. Abercrombie made a clear commitment and I am determined to ensure that they see it through.
After the meeting, A&F released the following statement: “We look forward to continuing this dialogue and taking concrete
Mr. Karber clearly has good intentions with his #FitchTheHomeless campaign. He is arguing that defining beauty and coolness in such a narrow way is exclusionary and insulting to people who think differently.
While I am sure the creator had good intentions (“I can humiliate Abercrombie & Fitch while helping people in need!!!“), what
The apparel retailer has seen its reputation nosedive over the past two weeks since controversial comments made by its CEO
As Underhill explains, retailers specifically target shoppers of certain demographics by providing something more than manufactured