Absolutely Fabulous

See their red-carpet faux pas in this exclusive clip.
'Absolutely Fabulous' Clip
The star said she "admires" queer "AbFab" fans.
We all suffer from some status envy, but often those status symbols are merely mirages. They're not real.
The actor joins an all-star cast that includes Joan Collins and Kim Kardashian.
In an interview with New York Magazine back in 2011, Saunders commented on rumors of an upcoming film. Speaking to the U.K
Just in time for the ideal reflections on the new year ahead, I sat down with filmmaker Lee Daniels on a terrace overlooking the splendid Arabian Gulf during the recent Dubai International Film Festival.
2. Forgive I forgive you and I forgive me. I let myself off the hook. I'm not perfect, no one is. I reflect on the past and
"Yes, well I have to do it now because I've threatened it a lot," said Saunders while on Ross' show this weekend. Saunders
Getting out of work early for the blizzard, but already burned through every season of "Orange is the New Black," "Breaking Bad" and "The Wire" three times over? Don't despair; there are plenty of great TV shows produced in Australia, The UK and on PBS and TBS you've likely never seen.