More than 8 million birds have been killed this year in efforts to prevent the spread of avian influenza.
A recent spate of child worker deaths comes as some states seek to weaken child labor laws.
State investigators have determined what started the explosion and massive barn fire in the Texas Panhandle.
“I am afraid the worst is yet to come."
Farmers protested for a year, arguing the laws would devastate their earnings by ending guaranteed pricing.
People working in agriculture, warehouses and call centers in California have all faced higher mortality rates than the average worker.
The food we grow and eat influences every aspect of our cities, our communities and ourselves. But nowadays, a small number of major corporations control the vast majority of food distribution. This has devastating effects on workers, the environment and even the long-term stability of our food supply. In a world of global food monopolies, how can we future-proof food?
The U.S. Agriculture Department's decision to suspend a farm labor survey could lead to lower minimum wages in the fields.
From soup and juice to salsa and mayo, turning food waste into new edible products is a growing industry.