Agriculture Industry

Even Mitch MConnell, from the big tobacco growing state of Kentucky, has pushed for a federal bill to do the same.
Bigger farms increasingly dominate American agriculture, and they get the most subsidies too.
Hotter temperatures can increase heat-related illnesses, reduce paychecks and even kill those who labor outdoors.
We did this to ourselves with our superficiality.
The current agricultural system destroys our planet, makes us sick and harms farmers.
“Together they will influence markets all over the world on a scale we’ve never seen before.”
Certified organic cotton is grown, harvested, processed and manufactured without chemicals.
The federal government is divided on whether the hemp CBD extract is legal.
The government agency proposed a rule that would eliminate line speed maximums at hog plants.
Activists celebrated the decision, but remain concerned about the welfare of workers in hog plants.
Officials have signaled they may eliminate the age requirements for working with toxic chemicals on farms and other worksites.
Trump signed the order while attending the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation.
At American colleges, enraged conservative students, supported by right-wing allies and funders, bring provocative speakers
It wasn’t all unrelenting doom and gloom in 2017.
At first glance, there's absolutely nowhere interesting to go in Phoenix. It's a grid of mini-malls and suburban sprawl, one
My friend died from cancer today. His was a short, eight-month-long battle for survival, but it was a brutal one. Now his
An additional 10 percent of food dollars were spent on desserts, salty snacks, candy and sugar.