alexei navalny

Russian police violently arrested protesters who want opposition candidates to be allowed to run for city council.
The Russian opposition leader was detained on Monday for allegedly violating protest laws -- moments after being released from jail.
More than 70 percent of voters backed him in an election in which he had no serious challengers.
Anti-Kremlin activists took to the streets across the country on Saturday.
Voter apathy is high and the opposition movement continues to gather steam.
A leading opposition figure's video claims to expose the prime minister's corruption.
The decision would, under Russian law, disqualify Navalny from running for president.
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Footage shows assailants throwing milk on the anti-corruption activists and kicking them on the ground.
Putin began a third presidential term in 2012 and has strengthened his grip on power. Actions like the annexation of Crimea
The impact of the Facebook-assisted mobilization should not be underestimated. Had the government not feared further popular unrest, Nalvany might be going to prison for the next decade, with his brother spending up to eight years there with him.
"It is stupid to brag, but I am the first person in the history of Russian courts to be sitting under house arrest after
Their case has been seen as part of a campaign by Moscow to stifle dissent. (Reporting by Lesley Wroughton; Editing by Chris
Navalny led mass demonstrations against President Vladimir Putin three years ago, when tens of thousands took to the streets
Lawyers for Oleg Navalny said they didn't know where exactly he would be sent to serve his prison term. Putin's critic and
This week in her speech at the European Parliament, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (representing prisoners' rights group Zona Prava
Navalny was one of hundreds of people detained on Monday at protests against the jailing of seven activists convicted of