American Civil War

War-like imagery is spreading in Republican circles post-Capitol riot. Democrats believe isn't an accident.
The band apologized to fans for the ties its previous name had to the Civil War and slavery and promised to practice anti-racism.
Robert Jeffress warned of a possible "Civil War-like fracture" if President Donald Trump is ousted from office.
A 2011 Pew research poll found that nearly 48 percent of Americans still believe the Civil War was a fight over “states rights.”
The Texas Board of Education has approved revisions to social studies curriculums, but some educators say the changes don't go far enough.
There's been little political will to end mass shootings. But in the five years since Sandy Hook, these surgeons have evangelized a method to save victims' lives.
The White House chief of staff is tragically ignorant about the history of the country he serves.
Initial excerpts suggest the series isn’t looking to provide definitive answers, perhaps as a way of avoiding political controversy in the Age of Trump.