As we all know, dogs are happy, peace-loving creatures who believe in justice and equality for all. Cats, maybe not so much
There is nothing that dogs love more than pleasing humans. Okay, except maybe food. So, what is a well trained-dog supposed
We should have seen it coming when cats started bullying dogs with reckless abandon. Instead, we laughed at how easily they
4. Via YouTube 13. Via YouTube Until then, here are 13 dogs who fought valiantly for canine equality before quickly throwing
If yoga is about controlling the mind and body, there is no greater test than practicing with a dog or cat on the loose. As
After endless bullying by the much smaller cats, dogs are determined to no longer be the butt of their jokes. So how can
Cats are notorious for bullying dogs. They steal their beds, ignore their enthusiasm and even refuse to let them pass by
"Sesame Street" taught us that everybody sleeps, but these pets demonstrate why they are better at sleep than everybody else
Posted by user Katrina Dufrene, the video's description ("Goat thinks it's a chicken") is pretty accurate. (Hat tip, MSN
This video of a Namaqua Rain Frog was shot by Dean Boshoff, who found the cute little critter in sand dues along Port Nolloth in South Africa.
Click through the gallery below to see more photos of the sweet cat couple, then scroll down to see more awww-inducing photos
At this point, it's pretty clear that animals are by far the best photobombers out there (for proof, just check out our Twitter