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Transgender men and other gender-nonconforming folks get abortions, too. But no one's discussing how the recent abortion bans will affect them.
“Baby Hitler was a baby,” Shapiro correctly pointed out at the March for Life.
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The most common reason that people said they would continue to support Donald Trump, in spite of the warnings issued by Christian leaders like Philip Yancey and Max Lucado, was because ostensibly, Trump is anti-abortion.
A recently released Canadian documentary on abortion purports "to find the truth for the sake of women's health." Regrettably, the slickly produced film quickly degenerates into hubris and hypocrisy. Having donated my time and expertise to appear in the film, I found the outcome disappointing -- if not unexpected.
A Planned Parenthood staffer said the decision to drop prosecution was "on a technicality."
Pro-choice opponents of the Utah law argue that the best medical evidence indicates that fetuses do not feel pain until roughly 27 weeks. Moreover, they say, the administration of untested fetal anesthesia could jeopardize the health of pregnant women seeking abortions.