Sen. Ron Wyden revealed that a conservative group targeted visitors of 600 Planned Parenthood clinics with social media ads peddling abortion misinformation.
The anti-abortion activists hoped to prevent the clinic from performing abortions, according to court documents.
Republicans will need to rethink their abortion strategy if they want to compete in a post-Roe political world.
Conservatives have always been against big government unless, of course, it means banning something they don't approve of. And that's not even the half of it.
Tim Michels calls on supporters to go after media following Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story reporting multimillionaire's donations to anti-abortion groups.
Democrats and reproductive rights groups were furious that Biden was planning to nominate Chad Meredith. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) ultimately stopped it.
“I do not think this is the kind of person that a Democratic majority should put on the bench," Sen. Tim Kaine said of a Kentucky lawyer reportedly in the wings.
Anti-abortion lawyer Chad Meredith would be a "conservative asset to the federal judiciary for decades," an ex-boss said in a letter HuffPost obtained.
The fire comes roughly a month after a Wisconsin anti-abortion lobby group's office faced damage.