The fire comes roughly a month after a Wisconsin anti-abortion lobby group's office faced damage.
A hearing on Capitol Hill was filled with misinformation regarding abortions.
Justice Clarence Thomas got mad at people who were upset at the high court regarding the leak decision about Roe v. Wade even though his wife tried to use her contacts to overturn the 2020 election.
"Only those who can afford to travel across state lines will be able to have agency over their bodies," Planned Parenthood said.
A new front in the war on reproductive rights is widening as more states propagate the most draconian abortion restriction in U.S. history.
In an undercover video, the GOP candidate for Virginia governor, Glenn Youngkin, talked about not sharing his anti-abortion stance.
No other president has attended the March for Life.
Missouri native Sheryl Crown got personal on the CMT Music Awards red carpet.
Transgender men and other gender-nonconforming folks get abortions, too. But no one's discussing how the recent abortion bans will affect them.
“Baby Hitler was a baby,” Shapiro correctly pointed out at the March for Life.